Swifts are Back!

Summer is around the corner and swifts have now been back for some weeks. They made a discreet arrival, I suddenly started seeing groups of 10 to 20 specimens circling the skies, flying quite high, in silence. As their flight descended from day-to-day they have started their high-pitched chip notes. They are now flying in between buildings as they do in full summer, probably seeing them as cliffs.

This series of three pictures shows how they seem to enjoy circling a building. They are back!


One response to “Swifts are Back!

  1. Wonderful shots Laurent! I’ve been watching the swifts from my terrace in Gracia and enjoying them for a few weeks now – I think one of your shots is taken close to me, at the building on the corner of Travessera de Gracia and Via Augusta!

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