Mercat del Born: Geometric Poetry

Born Techos

As an architect I believe that sometimes structure can express poetry. This is the Mercat del Born, a late 19th century market in Barcelona. While it was being completely refurbished, excavations for a basement parking space unveiled the remains of a significant 18th century neighborhood that had been destroyed and was believed lost forever. Both structures now seem to rest nicely together, in a quiet dialog.

6 responses to “Mercat del Born: Geometric Poetry

  1. That’s great! At least something worthy is coming out of the eternal market renovation project here in BCN!
    But then, what is going to happen to the Mercat del Born? Will it change location forever?

    • Thanks! As for a project for a market in Born neighborhood, I have not heard of any. And they are turning Born into a theme park just as the rest of the old town, so I would not be too optimistical…

      • This means that the Born Market will not open again?
        That’s really bad. Yes, Born has undergone a big and not so positive transformation during the past years. I guess the next one will be Raval 😦

      • Yes, Barcelona has changed a lot since I first arrived here in the early nineties. This was obvious to me when I shortly visited Naples last year. Reminded me of Barcelona twenty years ago. but it’s still a fantastic place to live in! Congrats on your blog btw, I love it.

      • Thank you so much, I’m still trying to give it a defined shape in fact 🙂
        I’ve never seen Naples, even though I’m italian…but yes I think the two cities may have something in common! What I know is that yes, BCN is a great place to live! Keep on posting such amazing posts, hasta pronto! 🙂

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